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Roll Who? What Relatives?

It's nepotism. But not the headline-grabbing type you see in today's breathless media.

The R&R team is a multi-generational, multi-talented "family business"-- a business of delivering carefully crafted, on-target communications across a broad range of platforms.


The Roll & Relatives Story

Media. Mixed especially for you.

Roll & Relatives creates and produces entertainment content ranging from YouTube comedy, to Podcasts, as well as traditional media: studio, aerial and documentary photography, print and broadcast advertising, and programming for television and radio.

R&R has produced everything from network specials with California's former Governor (Arnold's Rock 'n Roll Bodybuilding Championship), the Spice Girls (Too Much Tuesday) and Sir Mix-a-lot (The Watcher). R&R's nonfiction programs have included The Lil Jordan Show, a haunted tour of the Queen Mary, academic projects (USC, Cal State Northridge), and a series of annual awards documentaries (The Goldman Environmental Prize).

You're welcome to browse around these pages for a look at some of our favorite work. Thanks for your visit!